Can't find/add a flight?

In the rare event that you can't find a flight in our app, please try any of the following solutions:

  1. Add the flight through the flight timetables
    If you can't add your flight using your flight date and flight number, simply search for your specific flight on the flight timetable of either your departure airport or arrival airport. Example: Flight KL1633 flying from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) to Malpensa Airport (MXP) at 17:00

    Screenshot_20190605-153242_FLIO.jpg Screenshot_20190605-153801_FLIO.jpg
  2. Add the flight by departure/arrival airport
    If you know your flight date but don't remember your flight number by memory, you can still find for your flight by searching by Route (departure/arrival airport).
    Example: Enter the flight date 05.07.19 and departure airport (AMS) and arrival airport (MXP) to find flight KL1633

  3. Check your airline code
    Airlines have 2 codes; an IATA and an ICAO code. For easJet flights, for example, the IATA code is U2 and the ICAO code is EZY. Sometimes, depending on the flight data we receive from our flight data providers, it is possible that you have to search for your flight by using either the IATA or ICAO code. 
    Example: If you can't find your easyJet flight using the flight number U28255, try using the flight number EZY8255.

If you have tried all these 3 solutions and still cannot find your flight, please make sure to contact our support team at and they will investigate this case for you.

Wishing you happy travels,
Your FLIO team


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