Flight Tracking

Flight tracking gives users the opportunity to monitor commercial flights in real-time. Important information such as flight cancellations or delays, where the aircraft is at the moment and what terminal and gate have it departed from as well as what terminal and gate will it arrive at can be viewed. Other flight stats provided include the kind of aircraft, average travel time, or the exact route taken. The type of essential information that you can collect when tracking your flights with FLIO is very important not only for fliers themselves but also for people picking up friends or family members from the airport.

To find and track the information about your flight, please go to the ‘Your Flights’ menu.


Here you can either import the flight from your calendar or you can manually enter your flight details by selecting the flight date and entering the flight number. Once you have provided the flight number, you will be able to see save your flight.

You can also find information about your flight in the ‘Timetable’ section of the application when looking at a particular airport. Here you will find information about the estimated arrival/departure time, gate, terminal and other important information related to your flight. Once you find your respective flight, simply click on it and the option to add the flight will appear. 



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