About FLIO

We love airports. But we know that many find them stressful - and yet they're an unavoidable part of travelling. We think they can be more fun to fly through. So we made FLIO, an airport app designed to destress your travels and help you actually enjoy the airport part.

We show you live flight info (often more up to date than the airport itself), give you insider tips, connect you to Wi-Fi, show you maps of each airport, pin your flights on a globe so you can keep track of where you've been, and more. You can share your tips and advice, too.

Favourites are: insider restaurant tips, discounts for shops, info on getting into the city, and ideas for skipping queues and getting to your gate more quickly. 

We cover over 3,000 airports, with in-depth information for the biggest 300. We also offer features to book your airport lounge, parking and fast track, and save money at restaurants, bars, cafés, duty-free shops and more with exclusive discounts.

FLIO is a service provided by FLIO Limited



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